Episode 13: Adam Browning

Executive Director at Vote Solar

CleanCapital 2017 Year in Review

By Thomas Byrne, Jon Powers and Marc Garrett

2017 was a big year for CleanCapital. As a company, we continue to revolutionize the clean energy market through simpler finance. Clean energy remains a largely untapped investment opportunity for many unfamiliar with the asset class and developers lacking access to capital needed.

CleanCapital is addressing these issues by creating a marketplace that provides opportunities for investors and access to capital for developers, through a platform that identifies, screens, and manages clean energy projects.

Here are some of our major accomplishments of 2017:



Our investors have kept 18,000+ tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere by funding solar projects. Climate change is a threat multiplier, that’s why CleanCapital is accelerating clean energy through simpler finance.

Expanding opportunities for clean energy investing

We are expanding opportunities for clean energy investing. In 2017, we acquired nearly $30M in operation solar projects. That’s 330 operating solar projects, over 16 Megawatts (MW) in 5 states. This brings our total to over 24 MW in 10 states.

Closed our series A

In November, wee closed $3.7M in Series A financing. This investment came through 50 investors to include FinTech and CleanTech leaders and will allow us to accelerate implementation of our technology roadmap, scale operations, grow our team, and expand opportunities for clean energy investing.

Learn from Experts Only podcast

We launched the new Experts Only podcast in 2017. To date, we’ve released 12 Episodes featuring conversations that explore the intersection of energy, innovation and finance. Our final episode of 2017 featured Adam Browning, Executive Director of Vote Solar. We already have exciting conversations lined up for the new year and we can’t wait to share them with you. Make sure you’re subscribed to listen wherever you get your podcasts.

We also spent time updating our brand and website, expanding our team, scaling operations and providing thought leadership across the clean energy industry.

* MWh are a calculated with real data and projections from projects acquired in 2017
** Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Episode 12: Kate Brandt

Lead for Sustainability at Google

Solar and tigers and bears oh my!

It’s not everyday you get to help install a solar system…it’s also not every day you get to do it in the jungle with elephants and rhinos passing by…

Earlier this month I took an incredible trip to Nepal with GRID Alternatives where I helped install a 1.2 kW off-grid solar system in the Chitwan National Park.

Often in the clean energy space, unless you are a developer or installer yourself, us computer and desk laborers can feel fairly far removed from the technology and often our knowledge of the technical side of the business can be intangible and learned only from drawings and maintenance reports. I wanted to get my hands dirty and help build a system from start to finish.

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