The Cleanie Awards™ Selects CleanCapital For Startup of the Year

NEW YORK (Oct. 23, 2018) – CleanCapital has been chosen as The Cleanie AwardsTM recipient for Startup of the Year. The Cleanie Awards program is the first comprehensive awards program exclusive to the cleantech industry. The program, in its inaugural year in 2018, sets out to recognize innovation excellence, business leadership and superior outreach campaigns. Nominations were submitted from individuals and organizations of all sizes and across many facets of the industry.

For CleanCapital, this award signifies how influential this company has been within the cleantech field, specifically within innovative and competitive field of companies bringing new ideas to market.

“The Cleanie Awards set out to identify the unsung movers and shakers in the industry, from the top of the Fortune 100 list to hot startups, pioneering individuals and high impact advocates,” said Elyssa Rae, program director, The Cleanie Awards. “CleanCapital exemplifies the type of innovation and leadership that we are seeking in an award winner. Their accomplishments serve as an inspiration to the broader cleantech industry.”

“We are honored to be selected for a Cleanie Award as Startup of the Year. Finance has a critically important role to play in order to accelerate the deployment of clean energy at the speed and scale required to mitigate the most severe impacts of climate change,” said Marc Garrett, Chief Technology Officer of CleanCapital. “We are tackling these challenges every day at CleanCapital, as we leverage technology to increase the flow of capital throughout the clean energy market.”

CleanCapital is a financial technology company that makes it easy to invest in clean energy. Despite the historic growth in clean energy, the flow of capital within the distributed space remains limited. CleanCapital is solving this challenge using proprietary technology to identify, screen, finance and manage clean energy projects. This unique approach is giving owners and developers the capital they need to grow while also providing investors with unique access to the distributed clean energy investment market.

Founded in 2015, 2017 was a pivotal year for CleanCapital. The company established strategic capital partnerships to finance distributed generation assets. To date the team has acquired nearly $150M in operating solar projects. In 2017 alone, CleanCapital doubled its state footprint and increased its megawatt production by 150%, and with current acquisitions totaling over 100 MWs in 12 states. CleanCapital also successfully launched the Experts Only podcast with over 30 episodes and 30,000 downloads to date and closed $3.7M in Series A financing.

CleanCapital was selected by a cohort of judges and leaders representing a cross section of the cleantech and renewable energy sectors, including Allie Burns, Village Capital; Thiam Giam, Black & Veatch Management Consulting, LLC; Marissa Gillett, Energy Storage Association (ESA); Kristen Graf, WRISE; Gil Jenkins, ACORE; Shalini Ramanathan, RES; Chris Vlahoplus, Scott Madden; and Tom Weirich, Rubicon Infrastructure.

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About CleanCapital
Founded in 2015, CleanCapital is a financial technology company that makes it easy to invest in clean energy. CleanCapital has built a proprietary technology platform that identifies, screens, and manages clean energy projects enabling project owners an opportunity to exit their portfolios while providing accredited investors, including institutional investors, family offices, and investment funds, unique access to the clean energy investment market. Stay up to date on the evolving market of clean energy finance by following the company on Twitter or Facebook or connecting via LinkedIn. Learn more at

About The Cleanie Awards:
The Cleanie Awards is the first comprehensive awards program exclusive to the cleantech industry. It generates much needed visibility for innovators and disruptors in the industry who are creating life [and planet] changing solutions. The campaigns recognized by the award program aim to influence public opinion about technologies delivering on the promise of a clean energy future. For more information, visit our website at Follow us on Twitter or Facebook at @CleanieAwards and on LinkedIn.

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A rollercoaster week for the broader markets, but business as usual for clean energy assets

It has been a tumultuous week in the financial markets. It’s not the first time, and most certainly not the last time, that risky assets such as global public equities have seen such extreme short-term volatility. But it also serves as a reminder that asset classes such as renewable energy infrastructure are insulated from whipsaw action. At CleanCapital, we own and manage projects that deliver steady cash flows, underpinned by the long-term contracted sale of a basic necessity to our customers. We’ve known for some time that cumulative default rates for Infrastructure and Project Finance are significantly lower than for NFC (non-financial corporates); 1.83% vs 3.45% in the 2006-2016 period according to S&P Global Fixed Income Research. However even equity investment delivers highly predictable cash flow with annualized distributions usually within 1-2% of expected projections.

These assets have proven technology, limited operational risk, long-term residual value upside and  broad-based political and regulatory support, particularly at the state level. This week has been business as usual for CleanCapital—we’re paying attention to the broader markets but marching along to deliver steady value for our investor base.

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