CleanCapital Solar

Invest in distributed solar & storage

CleanCapital makes investing in clean energy simple.

We believe that climate change is the biggest challenge of our time.

We also believe that responding to it presents considerable opportunities for those who lead the charge.

Investing in renewable energy will help reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and curb our carbon emissions. The bonus? It’s a very good investment.

Renewable power infrastructure portfolios boast stable cash flows, low volatility, diversification of risk, and alignment with ESG goals. Our technology platform simplifies acquisitions and asset management to enable more investors to buy in.

CleanCapital Earth Day

Why choose CleanCapital?

We cut through the complexity to make direct investment in clean energy generation newly accessible to investors.

  • Opportunity

    Growing industry with attractive portfolio attributes.

  • Access

    Direct investment in assets once inaccessible to all but a few. 

  • Credibility

    More than $500 million in cumulative acquisitions.

  • Simplicity

    Innovative technology powers efficient acquisition & asset management.

  • Optimization

    Active portfolio management to increase value.

More than 100

Total Assets



More than 180 MW

Rated System Capacity

25 kW

Smallest Asset

12.6 MW

Largest Asset

1,507 kW

Median Project Size

More than $500 million

Total Acquisitions


Operating C&I Solar

13.9 years

Remaining Contract Term
(Weighted Average)

Our energy off takers:


Corporate Off Takers


Municipal Off Takers


School / Community Org.
Off Takers


Other Off Takers


% Investment Grade Off Takers
(Aaa – BBB-)

Here’s what investors have to say:

“CleanCapital’s approach is game-changing for accelerating investments in a sustainable energy future for America. Their proprietary methodology to acquire solar assets takes what was once a complex and cumbersome process and makes it simple and secure for developers. We believe these assets have the potential to be solid, high-performing investments with predictable cash flows.”

“As the clean energy space evolves, the distributed generation sector is expanding and plays an increasingly important role in the U.S. energy transition. This partnership allows us to access CleanCapital’s platform capabilities as we seek to invest in the assets meeting the demand for clean energy while delivering value to our clients.”