Experts Only Podcast Countdown Week Two: The Finance & Investing Experts (Part 1)

  • August 26, 2021
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  • Carly Battin

Since 2017 host Jon Powers has tapped experts from the worlds of clean energy, finance, technology, and climate science to share experiences, opinions, and predictions for what’s next. This fall we will post the 100th episode of the Experts Only podcast; in anticipation of that milestone, we are sharing some listener favorites from the last four years. We hope you enjoy!

Episode #65: With the Expert in Sustainable Grantmaking, Marilyn Waite

Program Officer in Environment, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

“It is very difficult to get that more risk-averse capital to move into the early-stage disruptive, deep decarbonization tech needed; also if it’s all climate change, understanding that capital moves in different ways, has different actors and is organized out there in the world.”

Episode #54: With the Expert in Climate Tech Investing, Melanie Nakagawa

Former Director of Climate Strategy, Princeville Capital

“You’re really seeing corporate commitments and corporate policy driving a lot of the innovation and disruption that’s happening when it comes to climate and clean energy solutions, whether it’s fleet-wide targets or looking at electric vehicle fleet-wide standards, which is then driving things like improved fleet telematics or charging infrastructure or better ways to look at procurement decisions. And for other companies it’s driving the build-out of more solar and renewables.”

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Episode #88: With the Clean Energy Finance Expert Thomas Byrne

CEO & co-founder, CleanCapital

“In this rapidly changing and dynamic clean energy market, we want to be an investor for all different types of asset classes. So it’s going to be the smaller scale solar, storage, and community solar, but we’re also preparing ourselves to be embarking on new segments of the market that arise, new business models that are undoubtedly going to arrive here in the next couple of years.”

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Episode #74: With the Climate Impact Investing Expert, Nicole Systrom

Founder, Sutro Energy Group

“People are seeing how climate is more than just one thing. And there’s so many solutions that we need to address it. We can develop all the great technology we want, but if we don’t have the right financial instruments to deploy that technology or manufacture it, who cares? And we’ve got Tesla now, which shows that you can build a great big fat, sexy company that is good for the environment.”

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Episode #77: With Generation Investment Management’s ESG expert Colin le Duc

Founding Partner, Generation Investment Management

“The fundamental philosophy and principles of what we’re doing have not changed. We’re taking a highly focused approach to investing and taking an approach to fundamental, bottom-up, research-driven stock selection, and putting that into a long-term investing context. I think what has evolved is the level of sophistication and judgment associated to how that asset selection process is going on. The influence of ESG and the availability of information around ESG has actually come up a lot. And the specification and the nuance of the debate has come a very, very long way.”

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