Investing In Projects That Benefit The World

CleanCapital is committed to building a clean, sustainable, and resilient energy future for all.

Our projects do more than just generate carbon-free energy. Our renewables portfolio provides real benefits to local communities, and they bring our nation many steps closer to a net-zero grid. Investing in clean energy infrastructure that benefits everyone takes smart, thoughtful, and innovative collaboration.


Our Sustainable Approach

Emerging Markets

We believe that equitable access to clean energy is integral to fighting the climate crisis.

Our diverse portfolio includes renewable energy projects in emerging markets, which is a critical component of meeting our global emissions targets. Renewable energy projects in these underserved regions, like Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska, have an outsized impact on global carbon emissions due to their reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Community Benefits

Access to clean energy is not equally shared – that’s why we look for sites that will provide benefits to low to moderate income (LMI) communities. 

By investing in energy communities and bringing clean power to underserved regions, we deliver clean energy access to the communities most impacted by anthropogenic pollution.

Brownfield Development

Our team specializes in the development of solar and storage projects on landfills, superfund sites and other brownfields through our subsidiary BQ Energy.

“Brownfield to brightfield” development helps accelerate renewable energy deployment and promotes environmental and land stewardship. With over 450,000 brownfield sites across America, the opportunities for solar are practically limitless.