CleanCapital Solar

Our Story

We are accelerating investment in distributed solar and energy storage.

CleanCapital breaks down barriers to entry to invite direct investment in clean energy generation. Using cutting edge data and analytics, we canvass the market for quality projects and bundle them into high-performing portfolios for our investors. Our innovative technology streamlines the acquisition process, enabling us to underwrite and diligence renewable energy portfolios efficiently. Then we manage them into the future to optimize returns.

  • Project Owners & Developers

    Our proven ability to close deals in under 60 days and ready access to capital means faster liquidity for project owners.

  • Investors

    We cut through the complexity to make attractive opportunities in distributed clean energy newly accessible to investors.

  • Energy Customers

    Active, responsive management enhances the performance of our projects and creates opportunities for optimization into the future.

Driven by a critical mission

CleanCapital’s founding mission is to accelerate the flow of institutional capital into clean energy. Distributed generation—the ‘middle market’ between residential and utility-scale that powers commercial and municipal off-takers—is an attractive and fast-growing segment. But the lack of standardization in contracting, regulations, and diligence had made it near-impossible to invest in these assets at scale.

Our deep expertise and focused approach has led some of the world’s largest institutional investors to entrust CleanCapital with their first foray into this segment of the market. As a result, we’ve put nearly a billion dollars to work funding the clean energy transition in just over six years.

CleanCapital Solar

Our team

We’ve assembled a team of professionals at the forefront of finance, law, public policy, and technology to forge bold innovations in clean energy investment. We are veterans of the White House and the Pentagon, seasoned experts in finance and capital markets, and shepherds of some of the largest clean energy financings in history.