We Are Accelerating Investment In Middle Market Solar And Energy Storage


Speed and efficiency are the cornerstones of climate finance. At CleanCapital, our investment process is highly professionalized, institutionalized, and detail-oriented.

We know how to canvass the market for quality solar and storage assets and other high-performing investment opportunities. Our deep expertise in the middle market segment enables us to underwrite and diligence those renewable energy portfolios efficiently. Then, we manage them into the future to optimize returns and deliver consistent energy performance for our off-takers and investors.

Our Story, Team, and Approach

Who We Are

Our Story

We believe that climate change is the greatest challenge we face. We’re committed to doing everything we can to facilitate the transition to renewable energy
for the betterment of our planet.

Our Team

We’ve assembled a team of professionals at the forefront of finance, law, public policy, and project development and construction to forge bold innovations in clean energy investment.

Our Approach

Our ESG-aligned approach to climate finance and clean energy development takes all stakeholders into considerationoff-takers, owners, workers, and communitiesto ensure equitable outcomes.

Distributed Generation Solar + Storage is Our Focus

Since our inception, we have been fully committed to distributed generation (DG)—the ‘middle market’ between residential and utility-scale that powers commercial and municipal off-takers. As one of the top ten commercial solar asset owners in the nation, our presence in middle market solar and storage continues to grow.

Today, in addition to our diverse portfolio of operating assets, we are investing in early-stage development, as well as partnering with developers in emerging and new markets to foster future pipeline opportunities.

Our deep expertise and focused approach has led the world’s largest institutional investors to put their trust in us. As a result, we’ve deployed nearly a billion dollars into funding the clean energy transition in just over eight years.

Delivering Value to Customers and Partners

Asset Owners

We have the expertise, professionalism, and track record to close deals efficiently and deliver faster liquidity to project owners.

Developer Partners

With the financial backing and know-how to accelerate your growth, we are the ideal investor partner for renewable energy developers working in the DG solar sector.

Energy Customers

Renewable energy projects in emerging markets deliver outsized ESG impacts. We are one of the few teams with the experience to ensure these projects succeed and realize ESG metrics.

Financial Partners

Our reliable, streamlined, and programmatic approach is built on delivering ROI while simultaneously lessening the impacts of the climate crisis.