Accelerating Investment in DG Solar & Storage

At CleanCapital, our mission is to attract more investment to solar and storage projects—both to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future and to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis.

When it comes to climate finance, efficiency, expertise, and speed are the keys to our success. We are known for our ability to deliver the full capital stack, respond quickly to market opportunities, and consistently deliver returns. These attributes serve to cement our reputation as a leader in deploying capital into this segment.

CleanCapital is currently backed by Manulife Investment Management.

We Have the Immediate Capital to Buy Projects Now


Our team’s expertise and long history with renewable energy projects means we understand the complexities of development, energization, and long-term operation. As a result, we know where to surgically inject capital so that it’s most effective to move projects forward.

We view every asset—no matter how quirky or complex—as a potentially attractive addition to our diverse portfolio. Because of our demonstrated ability to identify high-performing assets and manage them to peak performance, we have access to the equity, debt, and tax equity sources that developers and project owners need.