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Providing direct access to invest in clean energy assets

  • Access

    High performing assets bundled into quality investment portfolios.

  • Expert Management

    Best in class underwriting evaluation.

  • Growth

    Diversified assets with predictable returns.

  • Sustainability

    Addressing the double bottom line.


Acquiring and financing solar assets from developers

  • Easy Exits

    Sell your operating solar portfolio in a quick and efficient process.

  • Direct Engagement

    No middle man means better pricing.

26 GW

of solar installed in the next two years

$7.4 Trillion

in clean energy investment by 2040


of energy from clean energy by 2030

“CleanCapital pioneers clean energy finance by allowing individuals to directly invest into the fast growing solar market.”

Roger Ballentine
Roger BallentinePresident, Green Strategies

“Clean energy is more important than ever before. I am excited to support Clean Capital as it provides retail and institutional investors with a simpler way to invest in clean energy. They have a strong team that can execute and a differentiated (unique?) strategy to accelerate growth in the industry.”

Ron Suber
Ron SuberPresident of Prosper Marketplace

“The CleanCapital team knows how to manage the complex process of acquiring operating solar assets. Deals like this require diligence and professionalism and the CleanCapital team delivers on both fronts. I am looking forward to working closely with them in the future.”

Scott Tonn
Scott TonnTonn Investments