Leading the Future of Clean Energy in America

We are leveraging our deep expertise in solar and energy storage to put more clean, renewable megawatts on the grid. With a pipeline of more than 100 projects across the U.S., we intend the meet the demand from clean energy customers large and small. With decades of combined experience in early-stage development, construction, and operations, CleanCapital is a trusted partner to project developers, project sellers, energy customers, investors, and other stakeholders in the energy transition.

We focus on distributed solutions including middle-market solar and storage assets, mid-scale utility solar, and diverse offerings that serve a variety of markets across the United States and its territories. With deep and wide-ranging expertise, we meet varying stakeholder needs and bring a depth of experience in clean energy project investment and asset management. We consistently meet stakeholder expectations with our ESG-aligned approach.


From siting and permitting to construction and operations, our team has over 20 years of experience bringing clean energy projects from concept to completion. Our in-house development team—born out of CleanCapital’s acquisition of BQ Energy in 2022—has developed and constructed more than 40 projects totaling over 200 megawatts. Most of those projects are sited on brownfields, landfills, and other environmentally compromised land, a specialization in which BQ Energy has decades of experience.  

In addition to self-developed projects, we partner with developers to grow and diversify our pipeline with a variety of geographies, asset types, and customers. We are continually investing in developer partners who will build the future of grid-critical clean energy projects. 

Power Sales

CleanCapital serves the energy needs of customers ranging from small schools and municipalities to Fortune 100 companies. Our track record of consistent production, limited downtime, and proactive communication with customers has earned us a reputation as an effective and experienced partner to our energy offtakers.  

Our projects supply energy to corporations, municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, utilities, and community solar subscribers. We currently serve more than 200 energy customers and are seeking power sales arrangements for numerous projects in our development pipeline.  

Project Acquisition

CleanCapital is among the nation’s leading owners of middle-market solar and energy storage projects. Our record of successful project acquisitions is proof of our sound strategy, years of climate finance expertise, and highly professionalized approach. Our deep bench strength and exceptional reputation have made us a trusted partner to counterparties and have earned the financial backing of some of the world’s preeminent institutional investors. 

Our goal is to build, own, and operate a portfolio of clean energy projects that serve renewable energy stakeholders large and small, enabling everyone to play a role in the clean energy revolution.   

Asset Management

Severe weather events are an ever-more-frequent reminder of the impacts of climate change. As a trusted long-term asset owner and operator, our team is experienced in handling these climate events in a variety of geographies to make sure projects remain operational or are repaired as quickly as possible. Our dedicated asset management team navigates these nuances, secures critical uptime, and focuses on keeping every site operational through things seen and unforeseen.   


Clean energy is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. As a recognized leader in the middle market segment, CleanCapital provides its investors with a foothold in one of the industry’s most critically underinvested sectors.

Our deep expertise in solar and energy storage has earned us the trust and backing of some of the world’s most respected investors. Through smart investments in growth areas like early-stage project development and consistent performance from our operating projects, we deliver predictable, ESG-aligned returns to investors.