8 ways to illustrate our climate impact

We started CleanCapital because we saw an untapped opportunity for investors to fuel the world’s transition to a clean energy economy. So we assembled a stellar team, and together we built a platform capable of connecting deep reserves of institutional investor capital to high performing solar and energy storage projects.

Since then we’ve proven out our model with some of the world’s biggest money managers. All told, we’ve put more than $500 million to work in clean energy-generating projects. But what does it all mean for the planet? Are we fulfilling our mission to accelerate investment in clean energy to meet the urgent threat of climate change?

We empower energy off-takers—including schools, hospitals, towns, and businesses across the U.S.—to meet their energy needs with clean power instead of fossil fuels. And that’s keeping damaging carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Read on as we can draw the line from CleanCapital to climate progress.

Dollars deployed.

More than $500 million dollars invested in clean energy

Clean energy projects.

More than 100 solar assets across the United States

CleanCapital Map Feb 2020 Legend

Energy customers.

More than 130 solar power off-takers


Environmental impact.

CO2 emissions of burning 14 million gallons of gasoline

Greenhouse gas emissions of 26,386 cars driven for one year

CO2 emissions of burning 137 million pounds of coal

Carbon sequestered by 162,000 acres of U.S. forests in a year

CO2 emitted by 14,000 homes’ energy use for a year

Greenhouse gas emissions of 5.3 million trash bags recycled instead of landfilled

CO2 emissions of charging 15.8 billion smartphones

Greenhouse gas emissions of an average car driven 308 million miles

Moving the needle on climate change means big, systemic change. As one of the leading owner-operators of distributed solar in the U.S., CleanCapital is playing a small but critical role in curbing the emissions that cause warming. I’m heartened by signs in the market that signal a permanent shift away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy, and I’m confident that we’re delivering value to investors whose interest in renewables is growing by the day.

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Jon Powers, President