Since 2017 host Jon Powers has tapped experts from the worlds of clean energy, finance, technology, and climate science to share experiences, opinions, and predictions for what’s next. This fall we will post the 100th episode of the Experts Only podcast; in anticipation of that milestone, we are sharing some listener favorites from the last four years. We hope you enjoy!

Episode #5: With Home Energy Expert Kiran Bhatraju

CEO, Arcadia Power

“We said, “Okay, if there is a single consumer behavior that related to energy, that is the touch point where we can effect some change, it is around that monthly power bill.” (Arcadia) is a really dynamic platform where we are the home energy advisor for customers in all 50 states.”

Episode #93: With Energy Storage Expert John Carrington

CEO, Stem, Inc.

“(The energy storage market) will grow at 25 times over the next 10 years and become a $1.2 trillion TAM, so it’s probably one of the biggest market segments you can be a part of. We’re the leader in that, and we have about 1.2 gigawatt hours of assets under management.”

Episode #57: With the Expert in Electrifying Mass Transit, Ryan Popple

President and CEO, Proterra

“Cars only go 10 to 12,000 miles a year and they only carry one or two people. Buses, on the other hand, go 40 to 80,000 miles a year and they’re carrying dozens of people and hundreds of different trips per day. So, if we’re trying to be very pragmatic about how do we get the most people to the most places with the least amount of petroleum, we want to start with the vehicles that are doing the most trips and burning the most fuel right now.”

Episode #80: With Energy Data Expert Devin Hampton

CEO, Utility API

“We are trying to bring (climate) solutions to the table. And by not having a bench that actually matches our country, working on a problem … I like to say that climate change is an all hands on deck issue, and we’re trying to fight it without all hands on deck. There has been study after study that show diverse teams bring stronger business results, and since our business is fighting climate change, we need to build stronger, diverse teams.”