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Direct Pay: What it Means for Solar & Storage Developers

Direct pay is the key to ensuring clean energy projects across the U.S. have access to capital at low cost, high speed, and with greater certainty. It is a simple and straightforward fix to the problems that have plagued the efficient use of the PTC and ITC; namely, a tax equity system that remains a major bottleneck in clean energy investment and deployment.

The budget package currently being debated in Congress includes potentially transformative incentives for our industry, including direct pay. Hear directly from policy experts and project finance professionals about the potential implications for developers of solar and energy storage projects, the status of negotiations in Congress, and what actions you can take to advocate for the industry’s future.


For more on 100% direct pay, or for assistance contacting your Member of Congress, contact The Partnership for Clean Energy Investment:


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With Shannon Maher Bañaga & Frank DeRosa, Senior Policy Advisor at 8minute Solar Energy

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