How technology adds value for clean energy investors

Reposted from FinTek News, published 4/4/19. CleanCapital is sometimes described as a fintech company. While I’m not sure that label really suits us, it’s certainly true that my experience with fintech provided the ‘light bulb’ moment that led to founding CleanCapital. Today, technology underpins all that we do. Clean energy assets present enormous opportunity. Renewable […]

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BlackRock investment will fuel CleanCapital’s growth

Their investment fuels our corporate growth and gives us new capital capacity for solar and storage acquisitions.

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Why diversify? It reduces our risk

How a diversified approach to investing mitigates risk, particularly in light of the ballooning impact of PG&E’s bankruptcy.

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Four challenges that will shape electric utilities this decade

Electric utilities have long been considered a safe investment, but market forces, mounting expenses, and the explosive growth of distributed and renewable energy should give investors pause.

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Breakout year shows CleanCapital’s model is working

Earlier this week, we announced our first acquisition of 2019: two solar projects in Indiana and Ohio totalling 13.2MW.

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CleanCapital 2018 Impact Report

We continued our growth as a company in 2018. At CleanCapital, we are working to revolutionize the clean energy market through simpler finance.

This year demonstrated our ability to execute on large, complex deals in the distributed clean energy space. Our technology-driven approach, coupled with access to dedicated capital, streamlines and expedites the due diligence and analysis, required for complex deals to close efficiently. We’re looking forward to continuing to develop a robust clean energy marketplace that provides opportunities for investors and access to capital for developers, through a platform that identifies, screens, and manages clean energy projects.

Financing clean energy to tackle climate change

The International Energy Agency (IEA) published its latest World Energy Outlook this week and the outlook is promising for clean energy. They project clean energy to account for 40% of global energy demand by 2040! Unfortunately, projections simultaneously show a steady increase in CO2 emissions which is “far out of step with [what] scientific knowledge […]

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A rollercoaster week for the broader markets, but business as usual for clean energy assets

It has been a tumultuous week in the financial markets. It’s not the first time, and most certainly not the last time, that risky assets such as global public equities have seen such extreme short-term volatility. But it also serves as a reminder that asset classes such as renewable energy infrastructure are insulated from whipsaw […]