Building momentum for clean energy investment

  • July 18, 2019
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  • Thomas Byrne

Today we announced two milestones that solidify CleanCapital’s position as one of the leading owner-operators of C&I solar in the U.S. and a pioneer in clean energy finance

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For any young and growing business, every new deal is a milestone. Since we launched CleanCapital back in 2015, I’m happy to say we’ve celebrated many of them. But as I reflect on our latest achievements, I am proud that CleanCapital is driving a much larger wave of momentum for clean energy and particularly for institutional investment in the space. This has been our mission from the start.

Growing our solar assets

The acquisition of the KDC Olympic portfolio, made in partnership with CarVal Investors, is the latest step in executing the aggregation strategy we launched with CarVal in 2018. This is our largest acquisition to date, and nearly doubled the capacity of our clean energy portfolios to 180 megawatts.

With close to a half billion dollars in assets under management, I’m proud to say that we’re now one of the leading owner-operators of C&I solar in the country. But our vision for CleanCapital goes well beyond that.

Accelerating institutional investment in clean energy

Early on, we set about addressing the challenges that had deterred institutional investors from committing to clean energy, specifically distributed generation. These deals can be fragmented and complex; there are few standards to judge the long-term performance of an asset or its level of risk.

Our technology platform, informed by the deep expertise of our team, streamlines the acquisition process and facilitates the construction of high-performing portfolios. That, in turn, has earned us the confidence of some of the world’s largest investors.

Advancing toward securitization

We believe taking an innovative approach to structuring the financing of these assets can attract and deploy much more capital to this critical sector. We studied how the residential solar market successfully attracts investment by securitizing many individual projects into larger vehicles that match investor needs. Today’s announcement of an innovative $300 million debt warehouse facility with Credit Suisse is a landmark transaction that brings our long-term goal of securitization firmly within reach.

Look for more news from our team as we utilize that facility to acquire additional small-scale renewable energy projects throughout the U.S., building well-constructed portfolios attractive to institutional investors in the ABS market.

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