CleanCapital 2018 Impact Report

  • December 19, 2018
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  • Thomas Byrne, Jon Powers and Marc Garrett

We continued our growth as a company in 2018. At CleanCapital, we are working to revolutionize the clean energy market through simpler finance.

This year demonstrated our ability to execute on large, complex deals in the distributed clean energy space. Our technology-driven approach, coupled with access to dedicated capital, streamlines and expedites the due diligence and analysis, required for complex deals to close efficiently. We’re looking forward to continuing to develop a robust clean energy marketplace that provides opportunities for investors and access to capital for developers, through a platform that identifies, screens, and manages clean energy projects.

Here are some of our major accomplishments of 2018:

We’ve scaled our acquisition pipeline 300% in 2018 closing over $200 million in clean energy deals.

Clean energy remains a great investment for both your bank account and the planet. Our investors have kept 35,000 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere by funding solar projects. Global and national reports emphasized accelerated timelines in order to mitigate the most severe impacts of climate change. At CleanCapital, we understand the critical role that finance will play in addressing climate change and are committed to accelerating clean energy through simpler finance.

This year also saw new capital partnerships, as we secured over $1 billion for clean energy investing, new audiences, as we released 23 episodes of Experts Only podcast (including recording in front of live audiences), and new technology, advancements to our proprietary platform allowed for the closing of two transactions in 30 days, in addition to our largest acquisition to date.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2019!

* MWh are a calculated with real data and projections from projects acquired in 2018

** Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator