From Mission to Action: CleanCapital’s ESG Evolution

  • May 15, 2024
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  • Julia Bell, CCO, CleanCapital

In 2015, CleanCapital was founded on the principle of fighting the climate crisis through technology and finance. Today, we continue that mission by investing in, building, owning, and operating solar and storage assets across the United States. We have grown alongside the clean energy industry and now leverage our deep industry expertise to provide solutions that will help accelerate the clean energy transition. 

Our goal is to play a role in building a flourishing green economy, making a difference in the climate change we experience today. To walk our talk, we benchmark our growth as a company against industry standards and our peers. We feel it is important to mitigate our own environmental impact as we continue to support the growth of renewable energy. To do so, we have participated since 2022 in the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) analysis to track and continually improve upon various ESG metrics. As part of our GRESB benchmarking, we conducted a materiality assessment of 45 different ESG topics to determine their relevance and risk factors. 

For the first time, we have created a short report to discuss our most recent benchmark report and its findings to keep us accountable to our customers, investors, and the broader community as we continue to grow. 

The highlights

  1. We improved our score by 23 points. After our first assessment, we embraced that feedback and made several improvements. We focused internally and externally on how CleanCapital can better incorporate an ESG mindset. These efforts included surveying employees and customers, standardizing ESG training, developing a formal corporate ESG policy, and implementing new standards for tracking and reporting.  
  2. We produced enough energy to power 18,520 homes for 1 year. As the demand for clean and reliable power increases, we are proud to own and operate a variety of solar farms across the United States and in Guam. These distributed solar installations can enhance grid stability by decentralizing power generation, displacing fossil fuel-powered electricity, mitigating the risk of large-scale outages, and improving energy access in remote areas. Currently, our team manages 223 operating projects totaling 291 megawatts (MW) spanning 21 U.S. states and territories, plus 60 MW under construction and expected to come online in the next few months, and a development pipeline totaling over 1 GW.
  3. We have increased our holistic site management strategy. At most of our sites, we have implemented a variety of holistic, sustainable practices that minimize disruption and support local ecological factors, including agrivoltaics, pollinators, and even utilizing sheep to graze on over 45 acres of property. 

Over the last two years of benchmarking our progress, we identified standout wins and improvements. We are implementing a variety of strategies, tracking, and reporting to better understand how CleanCapital can operate in a way that is aligned with our mission to mitigate the impacts of climate change. We look forward to continuing to improve our ESG awareness and reduce our impact on the environment while creating trusted, clean, and reliable renewable energy for the market. View our full 2023 ESG report at the link below. 

Download the Full Report