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Episode 22: Varun Sivaram

On this podcast, Thomas Byrne, CEO of CleanCapital, sits down with Varun Sivaram, a thought leader in the clean energy space. This podcast discusses the bestseller’s new book “Taming the Sun”, which outlines the current clean energy landscape, and the advances needed to unleash it.

Besides being a writer, Varun Sivaram is a physicist and Chief Technology Officer at ReNew Power Ventures, a multibillion-dollar renewable energy firm. He is also a senior research scholar at Columbia University, a board member for the Stanford University Energy and Environment Institutes, and an editorial board member for the journal “Global Transitions”. Previously, Varun was a professor at Georgetown University and is a Rhodes and a Truman Scholar. Dr. Sivaram holds a degree from Stanford University and a Ph.D. from St. John’s College, Oxford University.

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